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Mr. Costabrero was born in Lima, Peru in 1956. He has been traveling and working in Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia, looking for a place called home. Finally he found it in Miami, Florida. All his life, until today, he worked as a gaffer (chief electrician) for the lighting crew doing telenovelas, documentaries, advertising, music videos, etc.  He says: “This kind of work has trained my eye to contrast, color, proportions, shadows, and other artistic considerations that would take me several pages to explain. I mention my work because I believe that I am born with the gift of painting, not drawing, and this work has been a training until I decided to start painting.”

It happened  December of 2006. He started buying strange things in order to create textures and splash paint over the canvas. He bought pumps for stuffing turkey, a meat hammer, meat  syringes, spatulas with a lot of designs, and dispensers of mustard of ketchup, he owns about 300 of them. In his paintings there is a search for authenticity and originality. He does not only use acrylic paint, but also a combination of acrylic and oil, sand paint, glue, liquid nails, glitter, etc.

TThere is a big difference between the first painting (orange view) and the last (cruising into the sunset). In the first you notice that the lines are the most important part of the painting and the last painting has subdued colors with an outlined form.

His acrylic paintings with mixed media show a lot of texture. It makes the textured paintings 3D like. You want to touch them, feel them and experience them.

He is in search of different ways to work the painting so it can express itself. He does not need a brush, but he needs other tools  that can deliver paint and when it  is released  it will do it in a very particular form on the canvas.

He is still in search for more tools. Any ideas would be welcome.



















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